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My adventure with cancer started around year 2000, or perhaps even much earlier. Twelve years ago my neighbour, diagnosed with breast and bone cancer, asked me if I could try some energy channelling sessions on her.

Soon, a marked improvement in the reading of her cancer markers was noticed. This improvement accelerated even after my neighbour was no longer receiving sessions from me. I began to suspect that perhaps I stimulated some system within the body that, once stimulated, itself destroys cancer cells.

I decided to further investigate this unexpained gift that I had. Over the years I had sessions with numerous people. In some cases a reduction of around 50% in the size of tumour was recorded four weeks after sessions were completed. There were also cases where complete remission of cancer was observed. However, there were also many people that I could not help.

Today, I know that those who can most benefit from my sessions are people who never had chemotherapy and their cancer is in the early stage of development.

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